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Jessica Evancho, LCAT, ATR-BC
Creative Arts Psychotherapy
New York, NY


When you’re not feeling your best, it reflects in other ways.

It’s okay to feel unbalanced, stuck or overwhelmed, but you don’t have to experience it alone. Without the space to reflect and express your feelings, they can start to creep up in other areas of your life. If you’re living with anxiety, dealing with challenging life transitions or looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, I can help.

Nervousness and Anxiety

conflicts at work or school

Feeling misunderstood

feeling stuck or burnt out

Problems adjusting to change

strained relationships


Express your true self


Creative Arts Psychotherapy Services

Art Therapy provides an outlet for safe, authentic expression to help you master the language of your inner self and inspire meaningful change. 

I use an eclectic combination of creative arts therapy, art making, and verbal psychotherapy in my sessions. Together we will build a relationship grounded in respect, openness, and humor to allow you to explore and reflect on aspects of your life that cause you imbalance. 


Increased Confidence & self trust

Healthier ways of coping

Sense of calm & Balance

deeper understanding of yourself


You deserve reflection and balance

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Jessica Evancho, LCAT, ATR-BC

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I’m a licensed and board-certified Creative Arts Therapist in New York and owner of Reflection and Balance, LLC. I have experience working with adults and young professionals living with anxiety and depression, looking for an avenue for self-expression, or having a tough time coping with life transitions and stress.

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